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Natural Search Engine Optimization for Contractors

Natural Search Engine Optimization at a Glance

Major search engines and portals we target include Google, AltaVista, Inktomi, Yahoo! Search, Alltheweb, Teoma, AOL Search,, Lycos, Looksmart, Hotbot Excite, Fast, Bing, and Netscape as well as secondary portals and directories. Results are achieved by fine-tuning website navigation, content and coding so that your site appears in the top 10 'natural' or free search results for certain key phrases. Natural SEO is a long-term, highly cost-efficient search engine advertising strategy that may take some months for results.

Natural SEO Step-By-Step
1. Site Review.
   Site analysis, cross links, competition & keyword phrases.
2. Industry/Keyword Analysis.
   Research keyword phrases, positioning reports.
3. Site Optimization.
   Target landing pages & optimize home page/navigation.
4. Site Submission.
   Monthly submissions to major search engines/directories.

Natural SEO Maintenance
. Monthly Updates.
   Perform site updates on optimized pages
. Validation Checks.
   HTML code and link verification.
. Ranking Reports.
   Positioning vs. competitors on major search engines.
. Site Submission.
   Site is submitted to major search engines.

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