Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Guaranteed Traffic to Your Website

Guaranteed Positioning using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If being on top of the search engines or at least on the first two pages is your goal immediately, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is your best option. Visitors use keywords like 'Los Angeles Plumbing Contractor' to find your website. It's simple. You pay a small fee to search engines to make sure your contractor website comes up when that term is entered. You can manage multiple key terms and positioning or have us manage it for you. These include top positions on all of the major search engines (i.e. Yahoo!, Bing, LYCOS, Google, AOL, and more.). Just ask us how!

Advantages of Pay-Per-Click
Major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google provide tools that allow you to manage PPC advertising. Critical changes to it can be immediately implemented, expenditures accounted for and results measured. It can take anywhere from 1 week to several months for a natural search engine campaign to take effect. A pay-per-click campaign can help you immediately establish presence on search engines. The way it works is you bid for clicks on relevant key terms that visitors would normally use to find your website. For example: If you are an electrical contractor in New York, you may want to advertise your listing on the sponsored listings are for Google visitors who entered 'NY Electrical Contractor Quote' or other relevant and similar key terms as their search.

The Right Mix
The solution is creating the right combination based on your goals. On the short-term, immediate traffic can be produced through activation of a PPC campaign. However, to maximize your advertising budget, the long-term solution is to achieve front-page ranking on as many search key terms using natural search engine strategy.

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